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Robbie Williams chats with David Heane about approaching 40, baby names and the run up to its arrival.

With a child so close to becoming part of the Williams household, how would he react if he had the call when he was on stage?

"I've got a phone that will be on vibrate that is the Batphone - and it'll be next to my leg.  And only person has got that telephone number... and it's Noel Edmunds.

"It's my missus.  And if that goes off then I've got to go.  I've been given a right rollicking for even considering carrying on and finishing the gig or doing the gig."

Catch up with the full interview below.

Robbie Williams chats with David Heane

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wendy newton

Travelled to glasgow yesterday and Robbie put on an amazing show! Fantastic night. Robbie is definately back! Missed out in 2006 as had tkts for milton keynes but my 2 yr old was admitted to hosp night before so couldnt go. Felt so lucky to get tkts for last night. So pleased the baby didnt arrive last night. Good luck with your little girl x

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